Weekend Stories: The Potting Shed

pottingshedThe weekend is a perfect time to venture out to ‘The Grounds of Alexandria’.  I was keen to visit again as there had been many changes since I was there last.                                             The outdoor eating area is now complete,  there’s monthly artisan markets, stunning flowers a small veggie garden and a mini farm with the star resident pig, Kevin Bacon,  who has some new friends, a couple of baby goats and chooks!! The animals seem happy in their little city farm, chilling and eating  whilst humans, young and old, gawk, and woo over them…potting shed

Now if you don’t like crowds or a hive of happy chatty people then this is not the place for you  as it really felt like half of Sydney was enjoying their Saturday here! …well ok…not really but you get the idea…its really busy!
I was however thrilled  that you can now book a table ahead of time,  so why wait when all you need is a little planning!
We organised to have lunch at ‘The Potting Shed’ which was not there last time I was.  Nestled at the back in between The Grounds cafe and the fully stocked deli Salt Meats Cheese next door, its open for both lunch and dinner and also has a super long bar area (cue the cocktails!!!).   The lunch menu offered burgers and pulled pork hot sandwiches ((shhh! dont tell Kevin…) shared plates, the desserts looked amazing too but we were too full from lunch!

pottingshed2Some creative peeps worked hard on this one and its just wonderful with all the little details – a great first impression!! Its everything you imagine a Potting shed to look like and more…  hello instagram!  I took quite a few photos,  there was so much to take in!


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