Girl on Go…

Not too long ago you would always find me in heels.  As I get older I cant seem to handle the wobbly, pointy heels of my youth but I always felt I needed some height to feel polished off.
I love a high wedge or stack heel…I just love heels!
Lately though,
I’ve been wearing flats and I find any excuse to wear my sneakers!
Comfort first please!

Incorporating sneakers into your everyday wardrobe, especially a work wardrobe
does need some thought otherwise it could go sloppy real fast…I love all these looks here for their simplicity and ease.

*I think if you stick to clothing thats timeless and classic – teamed with sneakers, it just feels right.

*Here’s a tricky one – try to keep yours sneakers clean, that’s hard…but if you want to look on point….

*Go for a streamlined sneaker or sport shoe.  If its too bulky, too bright (hello fluro!) keep it for your gym workout.

*Go for solid colours over print & pattern and lastly
Invisible socks – no pop sock/cheerleader look please!
Give it a go! I know I will…


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